Louise Moillon

Still Life with a Basket of Fruit and a Bunch of Asparagus

  • Louise Moillon (French, 16101696)
  • Oil on panel, 53.3 x 71.3 cm
  • 1630
  • Art Institute of Chicago; Wirt D. Walker Fund, 1948.78

The Artist

Born into a family of artistsher father and her stepfather were painters and art dealers, and her brother was a painterLouise Moillon specialized in still life painting, especially of fruits and vegetables. Her patrons included members of the French nobility, and even Charles I of England. Because she was a French Protestant, her life was disrupted by the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes; at least one of her children converted to Catholicism, while two others sought refuge in England. Most of the 40 or so works attributed to her today are from before 1640, though a few are from the 1670s.

Learn more about Moillon’s painting Still Life with a Basket of Fruit and a Bunch of Asparagus: Art Institute of Chicago

Books about Louise Moillon


Louise Moillon: Seventeenth-Century Still-life Artist, by Helen Chastain Sowa (Chateau Publishing, 1998)

Louyse Moillon. Still-lifes in the Grand Siècle. Catalogue raisonné by Dominique Alsina (Dijon Faton, 2008)

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