Additions in November 2020 to Art Herstory’s Note Card Line

This month, Art Herstory is excited to launch six new note card designs! Some of these cards present new works by early modern women artists who are already represented in the collection. And others introduce images by female Old Masters who are new to our line of note cards.

Front sides of the three new portrait-mode Art Herstory note card designs, launched November 2020

In common with the original six Art Herstory note cards, the new cards are A2 format (4.25 x 5.5″), and they are blank inside. So, we present them now in alphabetical order by artist’s last name:

Sofonisba Anguissola, The Chess Game, 1555

The original painting is held at the Raczyński Foundation, National Museum, Poznań (Poland). We thank the museum for granting Art Herstory permission to make a card of it. The Chess Game is the second Sofonisba Anguissola card in the Art Herstory line. Our first Anguissola card reproduces Portrait Group with the Artist’s Father Amilcare Anguissola and her Siblings Minerva and Astrubale, 1558–9 (for which Nivaagaard Malerisamling in Denmark holds the original painting).

Giovanna Garzoni, Still Life with Bowl of Citrons, late 1640s

With this card, we introduce the 17th-century Italian artist Giovanna Garzoni to the Art Herstory line! Read about this versatile artist on the new resource page under the “Artist” heading on this website. The J. Paul Getty Museum owns the original from which this reproduction is made. We thank the Getty for its open content policy for works in the public domain, and for making a high-resolution art file for such images available for public use.

Judith Leyster, Self-Portrait, c.1630

Judith Leyster is, of course, already represented in Art Herstory’s note card line; our reproduction of her Boy Playing the Flute is among the original Art Herstory note card offerings. In December 2019, that painting (held at Nationalmuseum, Stockholm) was elected into the CODART Canon of 100 significant works of Dutch/Flemish art. We thank the National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC)—where the original Leyster self-portrait is often on display—for its open access policy for art in the public domain, and for sharing online the high-resolution digital art files for such works.

Clara Peeters, Still Life with Flowers Surrounded by Insects and a Snail, c. 1610

Here is another instance where we thank the National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC) for preserving the artwork, and for making the digital file freely available. Like Judith Leyster, above, Clara Peeters is already represented in Art Herstory’s note card line. We reproduce her Still Life with Cheeses, Artichoke, and Cherries in the inaugural set of Art Herstory note cards. With this new Peeters card, we added the pink background in order to showcase this image in its entirety; there is no pink border for the original work.

Rachel Ruysch, Still Life with Rose Branch, Beetle and Bee, 1741

While this is the first card in the Art Herstory line to reproduce a work by Rachel Ruysch, it certainly won’t be the last! We are particularly pleased to include a card that highlights the artist’s signature. It is characteristic of her floral still life arrangements to include insects and butterflies, and sometimes even small woodland creatures such as lizards or birds. Learn more about Ruysch at the new Art Herstory artist resource page for this artist. We thank Kunstmuseum Basel, which holds the original of this work, for its open access policy for out-of-copyright paintings that are out of copyright, and for making the digital art file available to use.

Anne Vallayer-Coster, Portrait of a Violinist, 1773

With Portrait of a Violinist, the 18th-century French artist Anne Vallayer-Coster enters the Art Herstory line of note cards. Nationalmuseum in Stockholm—which also owns Boy Playing the Flute, the subject of another Art Herstory card—acquired the original Vallayer-Coster painting in 2015. As a portrait (possibly of one of her sisters) this work is rare in her oeuvre, which consists mostly of still life compositions. Visit the new Art Herstory artist resource page to learn more about Anne Vallayer-Coster.

Front sides of the three new landscape-mode Art Herstory note card designs, launched November 2020

We hope these additions to the Art Herstory stationery line appeal to you, and inspire you to learn more about the artists who created the images you see here. Visit the Art Herstory online shop to purchase individual cards, 3-packs, or 6-packs. As always, you are welcome to design your own custom 3-pack or 6-pack.

Just in time for the holiday season, Art Herstory is also adding some non-card items to its product line! Visit this post to see the new offerings.

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