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Published by Amsterdam University Press, this essay collection features innovative scholarship on women artists and patrons in the Netherlands 1500–1700. Covering painting, printmaking, and patronage, authors highlight the contributions of women art makers in the Netherlands, showing that women were prominent as creators in their own time and deserve to be recognized as such today.

Elizabeth Sutton, the editor of this volume, is an art historian based at the University of Northern Iowa. She is the author of the Art Herstory guest post Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists.

190 pages, 8 colour, 31 b/w illustrations

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations


  1. Introduction: An Historiographical Perspective on Women
    Making Netherlandish Art History, Elizabeth Sutton
  2. Catharina Van Hemessen’s Self-Portrait: The Woman Who Took Saint
    Luke’s Palette, Céline Talon
  3. By Candlelight: Uncovering Early Modern Women’s Creative Uses of Night, Nicole Elizabeth Cook
  4. In Living Memory: Architecture, Gardens, and Identity at Huis ten Bosch, Saskia Beranek
  5. Louise Hollandine and the Art of Arachnean Critique, Lindsay Ann Reid
  6. Reclaiming Reproductive Printmaking, Amy Reed Frederick
  7. Towards an Understanding of Mayken Verhulst and Volcxken Diericx, Arthur J. DiFuria


For more information, or to order, visit the Amsterdam University Press webpage for the book, or (for North American orders) the BTPS webpage.

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